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  • Sliding Scale Subsidy (SSS):

      Carroll Child Care and Learning Center offers a unique sliding scale program for qualifying families. We rely upon external grants

      and donations to ensure the cost of your child’s care is something that is as affordable as possible. Families applying for SSS

      tuition must provide documented proof of household income (Forms 1040 and/or W2, two most recent pay stubs) and a

      completed SSS application form. Regular rates for care apply until or unless the application for SSS is approved. Incomplete

      applications will not be considered. SSS is not offered for families receiving any other form of subsidized tuition.


  • Child Care Subsidy Program (Purchase of Child Care):

       Participating families must remit to the center the difference between the Center’s regular rate for care and the amount of the

       DSS subsidy they receive.

  • Multiple Child Discount (MCD):

      The Center offers a discount for each additional child enrolled by a family. Full tuition is assessed for the youngest child. Tuition for

      each additional child is 5% less than the Center’s regular rate for care. Multiple child discounts are not offered for families     

      receiving any form of subsidized tuition.

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