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When is the Center open?

6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday

How old are children served by the Center?

6 weeks to 6 years

Do you teach children as well as care for them?

Yes! Carroll Child Care Center is a credentialed Pre-K school. We  are enrolled in the Quality Rating System of Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), EXCELS and Accreditation. Our staff implements Healthy Beginnings and The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos for our youngest learners. Our preschool staff implements The Creative Curriculum with a focus on monthly Studies. All three curricula are MSDE-recommended.

What about meals & snacks?

Our food program is nutritious and USDA approved. Meals, including breakfast, lunch and snack are served to all of our children daily at no additional charge.These meals are covered by tuition.

How much does the Center charge for tuition?

For details about our pricing, please contact the Center at 410-848-0644.

When is Tuition due?

Tuition is due every Monday for that week.

What are my payment options?

We encourage automatic debiting from checking or other accounts. We also accept personal checks and money orders. Credit card payments will include a fee. To address payment options and related matters, contact the Carroll Child Care Center.

What tuition discounts are available?

There are discount programs and subsidies for qualifying families. To apply for or receive more information about our Sliding Scale Subsidy Program, please contact the Center at 410-848-0644.

What other fees might I pay?

Here are the additional fees:

A non-refundable fee of $40 for the first child and $10 for each additional child must be paid with the application.

Security Deposit
Advance payment of one week of tuition at the Center’s regular rate per child is retained by the Center.  This fee is refundable. Contact the Carroll Child Care Center for details.

Keyless Entry Card
The Center assesses a non-refundable fee of $ 10 for a keyless entry (ADT-style) card to each family with children in our care. Additional and replacement cards cost $ 5 each. Families may purchase as many cards as they need.

Summer Program
The Center operates a popular program of special activities and field trips, typically 10 weeks, each summer.  A modest, age-weighted, weekly surcharge applies automatically to all enrolled children during this period and covers all transportation, admissions costs and materials.

What is the teacher-to-child ratio?

Infants 1 teacher for every
3 children (1/3)
Toddlers 1/3
Two 1/6
Three 1/10
Four 1/10

How may I track my child’s progress?

Parents and teachers meet formally at least twice a year. However, teachers are available to answer questions each day.

What happens if I’m running late to collect my child?

Parents who collect a child after 6 PM are assessed $ 15, plus $ 2 per minute past 6:05 PM that it takes to remove the child from the Center. Late fees are assessed per episode, are payable weekly and are treated the same as tuition for collections purposes.

Is the Center closed when public schools are closed?

As a private school, the Center operates its own schedule, therefore we are not closed for all of the same holidays and professional days. We’re open all year long and closed far less than CCPS. An agenda of scheduled closings is provided to each family at registration. We schedule In-Service days for professional development and to ensure best practices of staff. Although our inclement weather closing/late opening schedule frequently follows the CCPS schedule, the Center has its own protocol.

How do you treat extended absence from school?

Children absent for a week are assessed full tuition for that week.

What if my child suffers from allergies?

Parents are required to alert the Center about all allergens affecting their child. Documentation about each child’s allergic issues is maintained in the child’s file and is reviewed by all of the staff who serve that child. The Center serves alternative food to children allergic to certain ingredients. For more information, contact the Center at 410-848-0644.

Do you require parents to volunteer time?

We encourage parental involvement in your child’s care, however, volunteer time is not required. We appreciate your help with Center events, whether you have a hand in organizing them, operating them or simply attending! Luncheons with the children, parent meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences, picnics, Parent Committees and other activities are ways to be engaged with CCCLC.

What is the Inclement Weather Policy?

CCCLC is located in a Carroll County facility. We keep our tuition costs down because of this relationship. We do follow closings for the County and Carroll County Public Schools for the safety of our children, families and staff.