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When is the Center open?

Monday through Friday from 630AM to 6PM.

What ages does the Center serve?

The Center serves children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

What is the Center’s curriculum?

Carroll Child Care Center & Learning Center is a credentialed Pre-K school. We are enrolled in the Quality Rating System of Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), EXCELS and Accreditation. Our staff implements The Creative Curriculum in all five classrooms. In addition to The Creative Curriculum all classes focus on our monthly studies.  Both curricula are MSDE-recommended.

Does the Center serve meals and snacks?

Our food program is nutritious, and USDA approved. Meals include breakfast and lunch with one afternoon snack. The meals and snacks are at no additional charge as they are covered by tuition.

What is the Center’s teacher-to-child ratio?

Infant 1 Teacher for Every 3 Children (1/3)
Toddler 1 Teacher for Every 3 Children (1/3)
Two 1 Teacher for Every 6 Children (1/6)
Three 1 Teacher for Every 10 Children (1/10)
Four 1 Teacher for Every 10 Children (1/10)
Five 1 Teacher for Every 10 Children (1/10)


How do we track and communicate each child’s progress?

We schedule two formal parent-teacher conferences each year. In addition, our teachers are available each day for any questions and/or concerns during drop off/pick up.

What happens if I’m running late to collect my child?

Parents who collect a child after 6PM are assessed $15, plus $2 per minute past 6:05 PM that it takes to remove the child from the Center. Late fees are assessed per episode, and are payable weekly and are treated the same as tuition for collections purposes

Is the Center closed when public schools are closed?

As a private school, the Center operates its own schedule, therefore we are not closed for all the same holidays and professional days as Carroll County Public Schools. In addition, we are also open all year long. A listing of scheduled closings and/or early dismissals is provided to each family at registration. We schedule In-Service days for professional development and to ensure best practices of staff. Although our inclement weather closing/delays schedule frequently follows the CCPS schedule, the Center has its own protocol.

How do you treat extended absence from school?

Children absent for a week are assessed full tuition for that week.

What if my child suffers from allergies?

Parents are required to alert the Center about all allergens affecting their child. Documentation about each child’s allergens is maintained in the child’s file and is reviewed by all the staff who serve that child. The Center serves alternative food to children allergic to certain ingredients. For more information, contact the Center at 410-848-0644.

What is the Inclement Weather Policy?

Our Center is located in a Carroll County Government building, which keeps our tuition costs down! Because of this relationship; we do follow the County’s closings and/or delays. In addition, at times we will follow Carroll County Public Schools for the safety of our children, families and staff. The Center makes every effort to notify the parents as soon as a decision has been made regarding a closing and/or delay.